Welcome to Find That Penny

Hello and welcome to my website FindThatPenny, its been a nice journey which has taken me from my small coastal town in Cumbria to Perth, Scotland, with a few stops on the way including living in the home of Jute, Jam & Journalism (Dundee), I’ve been working to ensure a better financial standing. I Will document my successes and failures along the way, I hope to give yourselves tools and ideas of making extra money and hopefully help you achieve your financial goals, We will have ways of making money, along with Reviews of some products I have either purchased or been given to provide a Honest Real World test. I can’t promise mega millions, but every little does help towards it.

I am not providing financial advice I am just showing you what I have used to help myself.

As the Poem goes

” Find a penny pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck”

Have fun!