Products I have received from various Websites which will be detailed in the reviews.

So, I have received this from ReviewClub for a honest and truthful review, this was purchased from Amazon and reimbursed by ReviewClub,

First off packaging wise this is very smart much like a lot of the standard fitness watches on the market today, Price wise this is middle of the road for Fitness tracker, at approx. £135 range.

What’s in the box 

  • a sleek black design Watch almost similar in size to a well-known phone brand.
  • Usb Charger
  • Connectors to attach the watch to a Bike
  • 2 offers 1 for geocaching Premium trial and 1 for Komoot Route Planner

Initial Instructions for set are very confusing overall, it asks you to download the Sigma Link App from your phones AppStore. So this device is supposed to connect quite easily, but I must admit this isn’t the case, the watch is running firmware 1.47 the latest software out is 1.67(April2020)

After deleting the app and reinstalling it. I have got this connected unfortunately this is when the troubles really begin, it constantly gets stuck in the Read from Device page (I wonder if this is Updating the device software ) 3 pages into the confusing instruction manual it also states to down load the Sigma Data center, Little does it tell you the best thing to do is download the data center to to update the software on the device and you need both the App and connected to a laptop, Updating it was easy process via the laptop.

Time taken to connect, and upload is approx. 45 mins, this also links to your Strava account if you use one.

I have used this on some Run’s worked quite well although it has an auto pause system which seemed to kick in when the pace slows.

Overall felt fit was good around my wrist although the other smart watches have better straps. Battery life overall isnt the best used fully charged but within 2.5 days the battery was dead, just as I was away to go for a run. I believe this is one of the major drawbacks for this product and stopping it from being a good rival to the likes of Garmin, Apple watch and Fitbit. The notifications side of this was excellent everything that provided a notification on my phone also came through on the watch therefore this may have also contributed with the battery degrading quicker.

Yet to use this on a Bike Ride due in part to the weather.

Pro’s – Nice fitting watch

         – Trial Offers

         – Notifications

Cons – Confusing Manual

         – Hard to connect to phone (iPhone & Huawei tried)

         – Auto Pause when pace slows

Personally I wouldn’t recommend the product due to the whole connecting to the phone and the poor battery life.

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