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Lenovo Yoga Book Android Test

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Well I was given this from to test for approx. 5/6 weeks, What was included the Yoga Book Android version also a Windows Version is available Halo keyboard, Stylus Pen and Note Pad. Have to say having used apple most of my time with tablets I was very apprehensive about using a android version. Why I was worried is beyond, from opening the box to using it took approximately 5, created a google account again a first, I’m moving into the modern era from Hotmail. Well first impressions are always a big thing, and the Yoga Book didn’t disappoint, well made, shiny and modern and funky maybe Apple could incorporate a Halo style keyboard like this. at first it took a while to get used to the keyboard as its not as big as a laptop but my word responsive it is very and for me this is one of the best features how it lights up was  marvel to behold, It also came with a stylus Pen and notebook, well this is ones of the most amazing features I have ever seem on any tablet, I admit this took a lot longer to get used to making notes when it is attached to the Yoga Book personally I felt it was a bit difficult to get the writing to go across to the tablet, I took this into a meeting at work and everyone was like what are you doing writing on the that,so I believe this could be improved ongoing to make it better, as the Stylus pen is also a pen by swapping the nibs on it. Once we get into the tablet and using it my whole family fell in love with it as its easy to use to a point that my wife prefers it to the  iPad we have.

Halo Keyboard